This past weekend the man friend and I took a train ride up the Pacific coast from San Francisco to Seattle (and then to a tiny mountain town called Leavenworth) and it was a blast! It was our first time taking a long distance train ride in the U.S. and it was way more fun than I was expecting. We had a very tiny sleeper car room, but we spent most of the ride sipping coffee and wine and staring out the windows of the Parlour Car (which was an awesome lounge reserved for sleeper car passengers). The views through the mountains were incredibly beautiful and something about traveling by train made it seem sort of magical. If you have the time and are looking for a little adventure, I highly recommend it. You can see more pictures of the trip here.


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  1. Natalie {Miss Social} says: November 21, 2012 • 10:54:38

    I’ve always wanted to do this! Seattle is one of my favorite US cities, and I really need to take a trip up there. Love your photos!


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