Night Market food in Chiang Mai

Delicious lunch in Sanur, Bali

Bee and ant larve at a market in Chiang Mai. We tried the bee and it wasn’t bad at all!

We learned how to make some delicious Thai curry at A Lot of Thai home cooking school

We also mastered Pad Thai! 

Lunch in Ubud, Bali

Some of the best Khao Soi I’ve ever had in the market outside of Doi Suthep

Fresh fish we ate on the beach after our dive trip in Bali

We tried a Durian in Bali. It does indeed stink to high heaven. I was not a fan, but it was fun to try!

Roasted veggies at a market in Chiang Mai

Those of you that know me know I love food (probably more than I should), so I thought I would share some of the amazing and interesting food we got to eat on our trip. In addition to all the restaurants and  street food, we took a really great cooking class in Chiang Mai where we got to tour a market and try all sorts of weird and tasty things. Later in the day we made curry, pad thai, and tom yum soup … and it was delicious. Ever since we got back I’ve been trying to invite people over for a home cooked Thai feast (now that I’m a pro and all).



  1. Amanda Weiss says: March 14, 2012 • 08:18:20

    Oh I looove this post girl! Everything looks so delicious –maybe not the durian so much, but I am such a curious person I would have to at least try it too! Loving all this pics!!! 🙂

    <3 Amanda



    • Rebecca says: March 14, 2012 • 10:55:10

      Thanks Amanda! As far as Durian goes… it was not my favorite food… too stinky! I had to spit it out and all the locals were laughing at me. It was pretty funny 🙂


  2. Meghan says: March 14, 2012 • 16:46:48

    These photos are so incredible, Rebecca!! OMG my mouth is watering! I think a pad thai party is in order!!


  3. Nicole says: March 15, 2012 • 05:45:44
  4. Jess says: March 20, 2012 • 12:57:57

    I am drooling right now. This looks amazing! Must get Thai food immediately.


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  6. JudyB says: October 15, 2015 • 05:24:44

    Great photos! I loved the night market in Chiang Mai and bought beautiful hand woven scarves. Across the road from our hotel, a young couple had just opened a wine and cheese shop – a bold venture since neither are part of Thai cuisine. I wonder if they are still there….. Maybe I should go back to see! LOL!