Top, Skirt, and Sweater: Anthropologie. Shoes: Fiel. Bag: Hobo International. Giant Yellow Bow: American Apparel. Watch: Skagen. Bracelet: Gift, Vintage. 

Fall is here and it looks like its going to stick around for a while! The leaves are changing colors and the air is brisk. I love this time of year, but even though I have lived in California for over 2 years now I can’t quite shake the dreadful anticipation that I used to associate with fall in Minnesota. Autumn in Minnesota was the most beautiful time of year, but it never lasted long enough and the bitter cold and snow always came too soon. I find myself waiting for the snow and bone chilling temps in California sometimes, and then I remind myself that it’s never going to get below 45 unless I head to Tahoe. Whew.

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  1. Meghan says: November 16, 2011 • 20:44:33

    Little Red Riding Hood!!!! So pretty!


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